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April 11, 2014

posted Apr 11, 2014, 11:32 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

April 11, 2014

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Spring vacation next week. See everyone again on April 21.

Tuesday, Earth Day, April 22 at school. We will be setting up recycling, planting seeds inside.

Wednesday, April 30 is Walk at Lunch Day.

April and May are going to be busy for Mr. PJ's class. On the back of this newsletter is a letter supporting Mr. PJ's students working on the Ready, Set, Sew theater arts program in partnership with the Weston Playhouse Early Stages. Students will construct their own staging, write their own play, and practice intensely each week, starting on Wednesday, April 23rd. The class will be performing their play in front of a live audience on Sunday, May 18 at Weston Playhouse.

Request to Parents: Our students are not used to cars driving through the driveway, and we want to keep them safe. Please park behind the cones when driving into the school yard , and use the entrance and exit by the Town Office. We also appreciate if car engines are turned off when they are parked in the yard. Thank you.

We did go back again to the Marinoff farm to watch the shearing that was postponed last week. When we arrived the sheep shearer was not there yet, so the kids gathered sap and poured it into a gathering tank. The shearer had ten sheep to shear and clip their nails, and one llama to shear. So that we would not have to stay for the whole shearing, the shearer sheared and clipped two sheep, then went on to Tatters, the llama. Tatters was tied by the neck to a barn post, with two helpers holding her. She protested with a low cry for the whole procedure, and would not come away from the post for awhile after she was done. She lives with the sheep and once they started coming to her, she relaxed and went back to her usual spot to lay down. This was a wonderful day and very enlightening for the kids and adults.

The Springfield Recreation Center was super per usual. Everything went off smoothly and the kids got an hour and fifteen minutes of swimming. We made an unplanned trip to the Springfield Fire House after swimming, walking over the river and to the Firehouse. That is a very impressive place to go. The kids had some interesting questions to ask. An excellent morning was had by all.

After swimming and working up a good appetite we returned to a tasty hot lunch made made by Lisa, Jan, and Claudia . Hot mini pizzas and glasses of milk were already set up at the tables. They had carrot sticks and salad too. After everyone ate their fill, they had ice cream. Thank you ladies, you are awesome.