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April 12, 2013

posted Apr 12, 2013, 8:30 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

April 12, 2013

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Vacation is next week. See everyone again on the 22nd.

April 22nd is Earth Day. We will do some cleanup around the school and other activities related to taking care of the earth.

School spring concert will be Monday, May 20th at 6:30. Mr. PJ's class will be going to Starbase in Rutland for 5 Fridays starting in May, so music will move to Monday mornings during that time.

STARBASE is a free program for students (grades K-12, though the main focus is grades 4-8) that provides them with real-world applications of math and science through experiential learning, simulations, and experiments in aviation and space-related fields. The program utilizes instruction modules that can integrate state math and science objectives. A motivational module is included to teach children how to set and achieve goals, take positive action in their lives, and build strong self-esteem. Students and teachers attend the STARBASE school year program for five complete days. Teachers use STAR BASE-generated material to reinforce learning during regular school days. In addition to written materials, facilities, simulators, and trainers are made available to the students.

If spring ever happens we will have a garden again. We would really like to have healthy lunchtimes next year. All of the teachers at the school have home gardens and have pledged to grow extra to be used once school starts again. Gail will contribute corn and kale, Sally cabbage, Mickey beets, the PE teacher cauliflower. We were wondering if there are parents who would like to grow extra peppers, tomatoes, winter squash, potatoes, broccoli or more in their gardens this summer. Speak up and we will add your name and vegetable to the list.

In case you were wondering just what was going on when you got a call for the kids in Sally's class to wear warm clothes on Monday. This is what happened. Sally's heater broke over the weekend, leaking water on the carpet and floor. In order to stop the water, the furnace had to be turned off. The plumber was here first thing Monday morning, the heater is out of the room and a new one is on order. The heat is back on in the rest of the school. Hopefully by the time vacation is over the new one will be installed.

The primary class has been planting beans and other sees in the grow lab. We have been learning about the parts of seeds and what they need in order to grow. Many of them have sprouted and are growing fast.