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April 25, 2014

posted Apr 25, 2014, 10:38 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

April 25, 2014

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

April vacation was successful, because we came back to absolutely no snow in our yard.Yay........No more snow pants and winter boots.

On Earth Day, Alan Partridge offered the whole school an interesting presentation on recycling. In preparation of his coming here, Sally's room saved their class rubbish from the day before. The next morning they put on rubber gloves and went through it keeping some things to ask Alan questions about. First of all he showed them the back seat in his truck, which is for recyclable paper. Next, the back of his truck is split into two sections, with the first section recyclables, the end for garbage. Alan did an hour talk on how to read containers for recycling, how to reuse them, what to use them for, answering some very interesting questions. It was very enlightening. Kids seem to be taking it seriously and checking the bottoms of the containers. Now when the y leave the lunch table to throw away their trash, much of it is recyclable. Food goes into the compost. A large amount of empty containers are recyclable and need to be washed out first, then placed in the appropriate containers. Many more children are now bringing their lunch in reusable containers to avoid using plastic bags

Below is one of the class trips we are planning to take this spring:
Windham Solid Waste Management District offers in-class presentations on a wide variety of solid waste topics (e.g. composting, hazardous waste, recycling, packaging) that will enhance any soils, natural resources, water and nutrient cycles, or recycling curriculum. Presentations can be designed for just about any topic and tailored to any age group, from K-college. . There is no fee. This spring we are planning to visit the Materials Recycling Facility on Old Ferry Road to see how recyclables are processed.

 Next Wednesday afternoon, April 30, we are tentatively planning a visit to the Persa farm to see the new lambs and calves. We need parent drivers. Let us know if you can help out.

Parents: The ticks are out, and right now the kids are playing all over the playground, so time to start checking them again. If there are any areas you do not want your kids to play in, just let us know.

Library: The little kids really are enjoying picking out books on Library day. It is interesting to listen to them talk about their choice to their class mates. They may pick out something that seems too old for them, but it is always amazing how much they understand. Mrs. Nau has such a diversified selection. From doctor Seuss, nature and wild animals, Red Clover books, books for every season and holiday. In the section for the older kids there are many well know authors. She has the book, “Wonder” that has been on the New York Times Best Seller List.

The children in the primary room have become interested in making things out of wood during choice time. We have a small work bench, but are low on tools and wood scraps if you have any small hammers or saws you could lend to us or wood scraps you could donate, we would appreciate it.

The first Monday in May there will be yoga after school. Jen Esposito will be the teacher. More about that in next weeks newsletter.