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August 28, 2015

posted Aug 31, 2015, 7:58 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

August 28, 2015

4Habits of Mind:“Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Soccer: Soccer practice days will be Tuesdays’ and Thursdays’.  Perry Ryan (Nyah’s dad) is coaching soccer, and hoping for help from parents who come to watch their kids practice. Practice time is 3:30 to 4:30. The older kids are welcome to come and coach or play. The first soccer practice is next Tuesday, September 1.

We have a school trip planned for next Thursday, September 3rd to Putney Mountain.  We will be going by car, leaving at 10:30, eating our lunch there. So, right away we will need proof of license and car insurance. Thank you. Don’t forget it is pretty easy to get your insurance company to fax a copy to us. Fax: 802-874-4929.

Parent Night, Tuesday, September 8, 6:30 to 7:15This is a back to school night for parents: a time in the classroom with the teacher learning about your children’s educational program. If you don’t have child care,  Gail will be here to watch any children that come. If the weather is accommodating, they will be playing outside.

Mr. PJ will be attending an ATM meeting (Administrative Team meeting) on Tuesday, September 15.

Pictures will be on Wednesday, September 30. The time will be set when we get closer to the date.

Thursday, October 15th is a half day, with Parent Teacher conferences in the afternoon.

Inside/Outside shoes: Each child needs a pair of inside shoes. The best way to do this is wear their outside shoes home and back to school the next day. They can immediately play on the playground when they arrive and change into their inside shoes after the bell rings.

Open House will be October 27th from 6:30 to 7:30.

For parents who like to attend, our All School Meetings, will be on Fridays this year.

 Our art teacher this week was Antje Ruppert, our resident zentangle expert. To begin with Antje showed all of us delightful examples of zentangle rocks on the computer. After a short walk to collect interesting rocks, the students washed and dried them. (This was all done outside at the picnic table of course.)  They painted with acrylic paints, and were all very creative in their painting. After this they will be shellacked.

Parents: That was a lovely potluck meal our first day. At lunch time the kids helped themselves to fruit, before they started their lunch. Then if they wanted a muffin or waffle they had to eat their lunch. This noticeably cut down on the chatting so they could get back up there to get their choice of banana bread or waffle or more fruit. It was a great first week. The weather cooperated so they could get outside during recess and for a short time at the end of the day.

This week’s newsletter is being sent home with your kids instead of being emailed. There is so much extra we need to send home that this seems best for this week. There is a four page paper on SBAC testing. One from Ms. West about Physical Education, an Automobile/Insurance policy paper, and an interesting letter from the state about hungry children.

We are looking forward to a great school year!