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February 9, 2018

posted Feb 9, 2018, 8:26 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


February 9, 2018

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”


One more week and then it is February vacation. From February nineteen through the twenty third.

With our snow days our last day of school will be Thursday, June 14

The kids finally have some high snowbanks to set up slides on and to dig tunnels into.

The bus has been a little behind on pickup and delivery this week due to the bumpy and snowy roads. Please be patient, spring will burst upon us soon. 


Hot lunch last week on Friday was homemade chicken noodle soup. One of the boys had three helpings. The lunch on Tuesday was a large pizza pan with a selection of sliced smoke ham, sliced turkey, sliced tomatoes, pickles, three kinds of sliced cheese, lettuce, mustard, mayo and either homemade wheat bread or burritos to make their sandwiches out of. The real eye opener for them was the crate of potato chips.  For the kids that do not normally eat hot lunch we talked them into eating wrapped ham or turkey if they wanted any chips.   It worked. They even asked for ham again the next day from the leftovers. The West Townshend store came through with great food per usual.  


Sally’s class are feeding the birds. The feeder has a good sized hole in the top and the first couple of days there was a squirrel face down in it and after a while he had enough room so he could sit in there and eat. We have also had chickadees and juncos at the feeder.


Have a good weekend everyone.