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January 17, 2014

posted Jan 21, 2014, 7:17 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

January 17, 2014

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

On Monday and Tuesday next week there will be no school.Monday is Martin Luther King Day and Tuesday is In Service Day for our teachers.

Even though the rain washed most of our snow away the ski areas still came through with man made snow so the kids could ski on Wednesday. Amazingly there was still cross country skiing because the man made snow takes longer to melt than natural snow. This is good, because they are really enthusiastic about these winter sports and it was a beautiful day.

With all the sand and salt the town have put on the school driveway, we need to have the students have both inside and outside footwear. The school will be so much cleaner if they are wearing boots outside and changing back into shoes after recess. Thank you.

Mrs. Kehoe's class went to the Nature Museum on Thursday.Nature's Snowshoers was this months program. The children learned about the unique winter adaptations of snowshoe hares, lynx, and grouse, and how they inspired the snowshoes that we humans use!  They played  lynx and snowshoe hare games and snowshoed in the Village Park.  For anyone who has never checked the museum out it is worth it, not only inside, but outdoors. There is a path in the back field leading up to the woods. No matter what the weather usually there is a hike up there to either gather leaves, make fairy houses, look for fall insects, or look for tracks. This is a trip the kids have never tired of and always learn from the experience.

MAPS testing began for Mr. PJ's class on Wednesday. The way MAPS testing works is the students name is entered into a program, which knows what grade they are in, starting them at the appropriate grade level . As they continue taking the test, the answers they select will determine the grade level of the following question. It is important that they take their time to do their best.

Thursday is library day. It is exciting listening to even kindergartners and preschool students as they know the difference between fiction and non fiction. They can quite quickly tell the difference between the two. Many times before a book is to be read the teacher will ask/tell whether the book is fiction or non-fiction , asking for a definition of what that means.

We talked Mrs. Nau, our librarian into writing a little something about her job as librarian.

Mrs. Nau writes: After eighteen years of coming to Windham for library time the students here continue to amaze me, by showing their enjoyment and knowledge of literature. Enjoying literature, being able to focus on the main ideas, pull out the deeper meaning and details are goals I strive to reach.

Discovering the many genres are covered during the year in all grades.

The Vermont State Red Clover program, a childrens' picture book selection program is enjoyed by children from Pre-K through the 4thgrade. With thanks to state grants we are the recipients of 10 current picture books that we read, explore and create projects. In April we vote for our favorite and students get excited to find out if our favorite is the State favorite. Red Clover illustrations will tell the same story as the written word which is what makes a good picture book. The older students grades 3-6, are participating in a program sponsored mainly by the Vermont State Treasury Department. This project offers these students an opportunity to learn about money and basic financial concepts.

Three books have been presented to us to explore, using the curriculum guide as well as a contract (reading log) to complete by the end of February. The Treasury Department awards 10 (ten) $250 college savings account to participate in Vermont. It is our hope one will reach Windham County this year.

A short poem from our school janitor. Oh, and he did not write it, someone gave it to him.

Can you tell he does not like the sand, and I am the one who had the town sand the driveway twice. Gail

Wintertime reflections

Winter is a time to see the wind and blowing snow.

This year was so unusual , I longed for it to show.

To see the snowflakes falling is such a pretty sight

Watching geometric patterns as they sparkle in the light

To keep school clean in wintertime seems such a fruitless chore:

Children streaming into classes, boots tracking up the floor

I roll out my machine, to bring back that old shine.

Then kids walk in from recess; feet can be so unkind

When shiny floors turn dull, I feel it's not my fault.

They're caused by winter snowflakes, and rain and sand and salt.

It often seems impossible to keep a pretty floor.

I long for times when trees are green, and heat comes in the door.