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March 1, 2013

posted Mar 1, 2013, 11:59 AM by Admin Windham

Well, we are back from vacation and already we have had a snow day.

Don't forget that next Tuesday is Town Meeting Day and there will be no school. See you at Town Meeting.

This week Pre-schoolers studied the letter “N” and did review work, writing and tracing numbers, painting, listening to nursery rhymes. Each day we worked with cuisenaire rods. Cuisenaire rods give students a hands-on elementary school way to learn elementary math concepts, such as the four basic arithmetic operations and working with fractions. Each color rod represents a number. White is one, red is two, green is three, purple is four and yellow is five. Right now we are working with putting combinations of rods together to make the numbers one through five. These will make an interesting exhibition to have at an Open House night, helping parents understand this concept more clearly.

Preschoolers can come up with some surprising vocabulary. During Show and Tell they have come up with words such as: delicate, fragile,stabilize. When asked if they know what the words mean, they are able to explain. This is a clear indication of parents talking and interacting with their kids.

It has been wonderful to see all the happy red faced kids on top of the snow banks,sliding down them, shoveling to make their tunnels deeper, building snow men, and more often than not sitting around chatting. Thursday with the warmer weather and higher snowbanks they were even happier.

On the back of this newsletter is a blurb about the changes at West Townshend County store and post office. As everyone who goes down the hill knows, it has had a wonderful face lift. It is now the place to go with friends and have pizza, there is a thrift shop upstairs and the plan is this summer for there to be more organic vegetables for sale. Check it out.