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March 22, 2013

posted Mar 25, 2013, 6:35 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

March 22, 2013

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

This Friday we will not be doing the Friday night get together at the school. There will be square and contra dancing at the Townshend Country Store. Some of the parents that have helped out here, are planning on going to the dance. Don't forget you can go down and buy pizza for dinner. You can bring along your salad, dessert and drinks to go with the pizza. Pizza is available from 5:30 to 7:30. Dancing starts at 7:30.

Thanks Lisa and Rob for bringing in salsa, chips, hotdogs and rolls last Friday night. Claudia and Beth also helped out and made sure everybody got something to eat.

Our snow day off from school Tuesday presented everyone with a great skiing day on Wednesday. Sally's husband went down early and checked out Grafton Ponds. Even though they are closed for the season they had groomed some of the trails for skier's.

Thursday preschoolers went to their monthly Mighty Acorns at the Nature Museum. This month's program was about Vermont bats and their importance to our health, safety, and food supply. We watched a puppet show and played indoor and outdoor games learning about how bats get around, how they catch their food, and where they sleep. Something that makes our monthly visit to the Nature museum interesting is our ability to make use of the Starboard in Mr. PJ's room.. Before the pre-k's left they watched 20 minutes of you -tube shorts about bats. What the bats eat, how they pollinate, why they are so essential to us, and mostly how baby bats are rescued. They are wrapped in miniscule blankets, held in the hands of the care givers and fed from mini baby bottles. If the babies are too small, a cotton ball is put into their mouth, formula is dropped onto it and they suck that in. They are cleaned with q-tips, so they will know they have to learn to clean themselves. We watched as the babies learned to hang by their back legs. Some of them learned to hang off their caretakers fingers. Watching these shorts, it is great when the kids ask, “Can we see that again?” This prep time beforehand prepares them for the day's program , and they can usually correctly answer almost any question asked by the presenter. To calm them down at one point, she asked the kids to lay on their backs , put their legs on the wall and try to act like bats. That kept them quiet for a few minutes.

While the preschoolers were at Grafton the rest of the school were at the Brattleboro Music Center for their yearly “Meet the Orchestra.” This year the concert was titled “Pathways to Imagination and Performance“ and featured young composers and musicians.

 The children are having a great time playing in all the snow. You might want to send in extra snow pants for the younger children, especially on ski day. They get right into the snow first thing in the morning and can sometimes be soaking wet by 8:30. We hang their snow pants over the

registers and put their mittens on top, but sometimes they do not get completely dry.