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March 29, 2013

posted Apr 2, 2013, 9:01 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

March 29, 2013

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Congratulations are in order to Miles Hammerle!  Last week, Miles participated in a national honor choir in Hartford, CT, where he  sang in a chorus of 150 6th-through-8th-grade singers from all over the country.  Chorus members had to audition to be accepted into this selective choir, and learn music in advance of the rehearsals they attended in Hartford prior to Saturday's culminating concert.  Miles and his fellow choristers spent many hours preparing the music for this fantastic performance.  Approximately 2,000 audience members gave the singers a standing ovation after their beautiful, moving performance.  Congratulations, Miles!

Wednesday, April 3rd, we will be leaving on the bus at 8:30 to visit the Londonderry Rescue Squad.

This is the last week for the JISP program and cross country skiing.

Spring vacation will start on April 15th. We are all hoping for exceptionally good weather that week.

This morning the school visited Richard Pare's sugar house. It is wonderful we have a neighbor near the school tapping maple trees, collecting, boiling, and bottling, who is willing to have us visit. We try to help our students gain an awareness of and respect for the environment they live in. This week the preschoolers were fascinated by one of their classmates sharing her pussy willows with them. They had no idea there was anything that cool around here.

Family dance at the Windham School next Friday, April 5 from 7:00 to 9:00. There will be a family square and contra dance. Sally Newton and Michael Donahue will provide music, calling and instruction. There will be a cake walk so we're looking for donations of cakes, cookies, pies or fruit baskets to be won at the cake walk. If anyone would like to bring fruit juice or a healthy snack (hummus, veggies or chips and salsa) that would also be appreciated. A small donation at the door would also be great. This is a benefit for the 6th grade class trip.

Each day is interesting on the playground. Right now most of the play area is buried in snow. There are high snow banks all over the area and it is hard to see from one block of the play ground to the next. One of the younger kids came off a snow bank the other day, and checked out the older kids swinging. You could see on his face that this puzzled him, since the swings had been buried in the snow. So, he watched and puzzled for a few minutes. Then he walked across the play area to check out the other swings buried in the snow. He walked back and checked out the older kids swinging way up off the snow and tried to figure out how the difference had happened. We had the big kids show him how they had swung the rubber seats and chains up over the top of the swings a couple of times to make them higher. Big smile from him. Now, he is on the adjusted swings every recess.

Sally's cross country skiers skied at Viking ski center in Londonderry on Wednesday. This is a great cross country center. They are closed for the season, but let Sally bring the kids along. This is a completely different kind of skiing compared to Grafton. They skied through the woods on long trails. It has a nice closed in feeling, with a little wonder as to what will come into view around the next corner. Windham skiers have not been there for several years due to lack of snow. This is a great place to go at nighttime. They have lights throughout the trails and there is a possibility that next year that might be a nice field trip at night time.

The State of Vermont sent us a month of April calendar. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We are forwarding the calendar to parent's at home because it has so many excellent ideas for quality time to spend with your children. Lots of times in the rat race of life we forget how many free ways we can have fun. Right now is a great time to check out a sugar house, on a sunny day check out the clouds and see who can find the cloud that looks like a fish or lion etc first.

Leland and Gray drops off a monthly newsletter in a magazine bracket right inside the front door. They are there for you to pick up and take home.