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May 2, 2014

posted May 2, 2014, 9:57 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

May 2, 2014

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Starting next MondayMay 5, there will be free yoga in the All Purpose room. Jen Esposito is teaching it, and it will start at 3:30. Jen feels most of the kids will want to stay outside with the others until the second bus leaves at 3:30. Don't forget that if your child is going to stay for yoga, we will need a note.

Mr. PJ wants to let parents know: Friday, May 9th is his class's preliminary Weston Playhouse performance for Sally's class and teachers to watch here at school from 11:00 to 11:30. Their actual performance is May 18 at the Playhouse. This will be fun, come along and check it out.

For those of you who may have forgotten, tomorrow is Green Up Day. Green bags to use are at the Town Clerk's office. You can pick them up at nine tomorrow, or you can use a regular garbage bag. If you do not have the time to pick up your entire road, just picking up on the road near your house is a help. At noon, there is hot dogs, chips etc at the Meeting House. You can turn your bags in there or leave them beside the road and the town employees will pick them up next week.

Walk at Lunch. This past Wednesday was National walk at Lunch Day. Because of the wet weather we were not able to do it. We would like to reschedule for Monday, May 5. At noon we will take our lunches and walk to Burbee Pond for a picnic lunch. Please be sure your child brings a picnic lunch (no heat ups) and some good walking shoes. Join us if you can.

We have given a verbal reminder to the kids that they need to have a pair of inside shoes here at school. Now that it is reasonably dry out they are wearing sneakers outdoors, but they track a lot of mud and dirt in. So they will need another pair of shoes to wear inside. If they do not have a inside pair they have to stay on the pavement and that is no fun this time of year.

Keewaydin is the week of the twelfth and we are planning a couple of trips for the rest of the students that week. The tentative plan is for Thursday, May 15. In the morning we will visit Windham Solid Waste in Brattleboro to see how their recyclables are processed. When we leave there we will eat our lunch at the Retreat Farm in Brattleboro. After lunch we will check out the baby chicks, Carlos, the 2500 lbs ox, pet the rabbits, sheep and ponies and of course all the baby goats. There will be the usual play time in the children's play area. Naturally, we will need volunteer drivers.

Recycling is going great. These kids caught on very quickly, especially the younger ones. They are prepared for the proper recycling when excused from their table. They know which containers have to go to the sink for washing before being put into the recycle container and they recycle their paper plates . Their food is scraped into the compost bucket. Good job guys.