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October 14, 2016

posted Oct 13, 2016, 10:41 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

October 14, 2016



Important deadline: If you have not signed up online for JISP, you only have until Monday, the 17th. After that, it is an extra forty dollar charge to sign up.


Winter sports is a requirement. If a student does not participate and goes home for the afternoon that will be an unexcused absence. Rumor has it that some of the usual kids will not be going to the mountain. Do they plan to cross country ski instead? The problem is that Sally will not be able to ski this year. She will be able to snowshoe and work with the beginners, but we will need parents to ski with the more experienced X-C skiers, and to drive if there are more kids participating. If we don’t have the help for cross country skiing we will need to offer some other winter activity and will need parent involvement. Any ideas???

 Fire Week: Windham Volunteer Fire Company noisily drove in here Wednesday at 8:45.  We had a fire drill and the kids were outside at the Town Clerk’s office. There was a question and answer time outdoors. One of the first and very important issues over the years is to present the firemen in full gear so the children are not frightened if they ever are involved in a real fire.

Next Thursday, the 20th is a half day.  Parent Teacher conferences.

We will have a visitor have from the Brattleboro Art Museum on October 28. At noon on the same day we will go to the Mongolian Performance at Leland and Gray.

SBAC testing will be the week of October 24. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is a suite of computer-based tests in math and English language arts for third through eighth grade. What works really well is to have them come to the All Purpose room for English muffins, eggs and orange juice. The biggest part of that seems to be that they eat, chat and relax and are more ready to start testing. As I am typing this the kids are in Mr. PJ’s room learning how to move around the test screen.  Also, it is very important that the students are well rested that week.  Please, try to get the kids to bed as early as possible so they can be ready to perform their best.   There will be very little other school work that week, and likely no homework, as we want the students to be focused on the testing.  

Soccer Schedule-2016

Perry’s email:













Game 6


October 17




Game 7


October 19-rain date Friday, Oct. 21

Windham;;kids vs. parents & teachers

Starts at 4:00


For practice and at games Coach Perry requests that: Kids be at field by 4:00 for each game with cleats and shin guards on.  Water bottles are a must. The cups of water are not working. They forget which one is theirs and it adds up to a lot of litter. They need a snack whether it is before they start playing or during the break. Perhaps pack them something extra for after school???