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October 25, 2013

posted Oct 25, 2013, 12:11 PM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

Oct 25, 2013

Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Pictures, Monday, November 4th at 11:00. Do not forget. Pre-K's will have school that day. So far we have not received many picture orders back. If you need another form, just call, we have plenty.

Wednesday, November 6th is Open House for parents and students.

Thursday, November 7 is conferences and report cards will go home that day.

Monday, November 11, Veterans Day. No School.

Now is the time to remind everyone again that since it is wet outside from the dew and frost on the ground, it is time to bring in a change of shoes. Probably boots for play would be good and keep their shoes for inside. We have a large collection of rubber boots left behind that we will get out and let the kids wear. We will put their names inside and they can use them if they have forgot their boots from home.

We have plenty of milk at school and if you want your child to have milk, tell them to help themselves. It is there for everyone. With the students being on the younger side we were not using the 8 ounce milk cartons from Hood up before the expiration date. We called the State of Vermont and it is okay for us to buy milk at the store and serve it to the kids in 8 ounce cups. The biggest problem with getting milk from Hood was that sometimes we had two weeks before the milk expired and other times only a week.

We had a potato and carrot soup lunch this week. Of course, the soup ingredients came from the garden, providing us with a filling hot lunch. There was tossed salad with grated carrots, baked kale chips and rolls mixed and shaped by the students. Sally's class picked, cleaned, chopped and cooked the carrot, potato soup. Mr. PJ's class made the rolls from scratch, cutting and shaping the rolls. It is interesting to see kids that will not touch the carrots or kale when we have them in the lunch room, munch on those same vegetables when they are out in the garden.