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October 27, 2017

posted Oct 31, 2017, 6:20 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


October 27, 2017

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”

Hopefully we do not miss anyone to thank.  For the third year Drew Dryden mowed our overgrown section of field out back, making it again possible for the kids to run around out there and during the winter they have fun hanging out in the grove of trees. Perry Ryan has been keeping parents appraised of practice, games, helping with transportation and inspiring with his undeniable passion for all sports. Then we have Kord, whom we keep busy with extras like checking and adjusting the heat. Scott Carson made our beautiful new sand box. Jan Wyman  dressed up a pumpkin totem pole for the kids to enjoy.  Craig Bailes has been helping us build a shelter in the woods behind the school. Susan Persa invited the kindergartners to pick potatoes at their farm.  In the spring we will have more parents helping when it is school trips time Thank you everyone. 

Mr. PJ’s class is doing daily multiplication math facts. He tests each student separately, one to one  and keeps a tally sheet of their continued progress. This is probably the major reason they improve all the time. He smiles, they smile and everyone is happy when their time is faster and they got every answer correct..

Sally is doing a science class with Mr. PJ’s class on Thursday afternoons. In the first couple of weeks they made rain gauges, that are set up at different spots outdoors. Up until this week there was not much use checking because we had had no rain.  Well that changed on Tuesday.  They check the cloud cover each day, the wind direction and enter it into their weather chart. They have also made posters on the water cycle.  

Monday was ceramic studio again.  The kindergartners are always at one table and the older kids at a much bigger work table. The theme this week was snow angels. This was actually quite easy for the little ones to do, and they pretty much duplicated what they watched Brittany demonstrate. But the older kids got innovative. Theirs ranged from small, medium, large and some seemed to turn very Halloweenish instead of snow angel. Now in their second year, because their time at the studio is limited, they get a chance they get creative.  

Already we have kids sneezing and stuffed up.  Handwashing, lots of sleep and and drinking lots of liquids will help.Remember if you want your child to have a particular cough drop, etc. let us know with a note. Any medications that comes to school - even cough drops, needs to be given to the teacher or Gail, not kept in backpacks. Thank you.

Halloween party at the Windham Fire House tonight, starting at 5:45. Judging is promptly at six. There are plenty of prizes for costumes, for musical chairs and the donut eating contest.  As usual there are hotdogs to eat, cider to drink, a hay ride, (so make sure your child brings a warm coat) musical chairs and a game of who can eat a donut off the string first. (Very nutritious evening).  See you there. 

Interesting small finding: This week the nurse emptied out old files and in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 all student’s parents numbers were one home phone number. Now we usually have three to four numbers per home.  Times do change……