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October 7, 2016

posted Oct 7, 2016, 9:27 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

October 7, 2016

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Cooking class tonight at 6:00 with Lisa Beshay at the West Townshend Pizza night. Come and make paneer, a ricotta style cheese that can be eaten on bread or fried with vegetables.

Soccer update: Soccer is not a school sponsored activity. It is best for all students to go home on the bus or their usual transportation mode. There are no teachers at the school after three thirty, leaving the kids with no adult.  They can only stay if a parent can be here with them..  Thank you.

School pictures were shot this week (outdoors).  Some between the two pine trees, some on the merry go round or on the swings. They should be back to us by Thanksgiving.

Monday is Columbus Day. No school. This Tuesday we will not go to the Farm

Wednesday, the 12th the Windham Fire Department will be here for Fire Safety.

 Every Thursday is PE day. Please be sure your child has sneakers

Apple Picking on Friday, October 14. We will have music in the morning and leave at 10:45 for  Green Mountain Orchards. Per usual, parents are welcome. We arrive, have lunch, leave on the hay ride, pick apples, press cider and finish with a cup of cider and a cider donut. Wonderful time.

Thursday, October 20th is early release for Parent Conferences. You will be hearing from your child’s teacher to schedule an appointment.

Soccer: This week the weather cooperated and we had a great game against Jamaica. Zero to zero was the score. Many close scores were missed by both sides. Both teams were really into the game, running hard across the field. 


You may hear from your child about our evacuation, clear the halls, and fire drills. Today in All School meeting the teachers discussed with the students the three drills we have at school.  One is the fire drill which is done by opening and pulling the fire alarm. The kids calmly evacuate and walk to the town clerk’s office, where the number of students are counted and they wait quietly until the all clear is given. We did a fire drill last week. Clear the Halls is the second drill we discussed and that is done by short repeated whistles done by one of the adults using a whistle located in the school. The students then go sit on the floor of the classroom, the teacher will close the door, and everyone waits with the classroom teacher in the room until the all clear is given in person by another adult who will knock on the door.  This might be used if an animal came into the school or someone was injured and we did not want the students to see it.  Violent Intruder in the building is the third drill we discussed.  We all decided together that calling it that was uncomfortable, so we are calling it Evacuate the Building.  This drill is initiated by one long, loud continuous whistle.  In this case the students and staff, except Mr. PJ, are supposed to run across the field and scatter to quickly reconvene at the Town Office. This scatter and run has come from officials re-thinking it is better to have the kids moving then just sitting together in one spot if there is a real immediate danger.  If you have any questions about our drills, please feel free to email or call.


Soccer Schedule-2016

Perry’s email:

Games 4


October 7

Windham @



Game 5


October 14




Game 6


October 17




Game 7


October 19-rain dateFriday, Oct. 21

Windham;;kids vs. parents & teachers

Starts at4:00


For practice and at games Coach Perry requests that: Kids be at field by 4:00 for each game with cleats and shin guards on.  Water bottles are a must. The cups of water are not working. They forget which one is theirs and it adds up to a lot of litter. They need a snack whether it is before they start playing or during the break. Perhaps pack them something extra for after school???