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September 11, 2015

posted Sep 11, 2015, 12:05 PM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

September 11, 2015

4 Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

We should have a winning soccer team this year. Not only do they have practice twice a week with Perry, but Mr. PJ goes out and plays at morning recess with them. The kids have had a great attitude even on these hot days and have been working hard on their skills.

 There will be a schedule of soccer games posted on the bulletin board in the hall. Perry wants me to remind parents that all kids need shin guards.

There are several found items here at school: a blue, green and yellow painted ceramic plate from the first morning breakfast, and a clear plastic container with a matching cover that had scrambled eggs in it at the breakfast.

Parents’ night on Tuesday was well attended by both parents and kids. Parents were in the school talking with teachers and the kids played hard outside until time to leave. The parents were ready to go, the kids dragging their feet not wanting to leave.

Monday the students will be bringing home envelopes with tickets to be sold for a raffle put on by the Parents Group. The tickets will sell for $5 each. There are 22 items to be raffled off during the month of October. (Monday through Friday). There will be a drawing each day at school. Most items are worth twenty five dollars or more.  Pizzas at the bottom of the hill, an overnight stay at the Grafton Inn, a thirty dollar certificate for Ricks Tavern, gift certificate to Clark’s IGA, and many more.

In case you had not heard, the Parents Group was given permission to have a bake sale at the West Townshend Farmers Market for the entire month of September. Contact Lisa at 875-5013 if you have any goodies to contribute. Since the weather has cooled down, next Friday would be a good one to send down a big batch of homemade desserts to sell.


Sally’s class will start the farm school program on Tuesday, September 15. Please let Sally know before then if you will drop your child off at the farm at 8:00 (7:55 if possible) or if they will come to school first. This week they will become acquainted with the farm animals and learn how to clean sheep fleece. Mr. PJ’s class will start the farm school program as soon as they bring in permission slips and we figure out the best day to go.


Carolyn Partridge began a unit with us on how to use sheep’s wool, and other fibers, this past Thursday. The children looked at wool fibers under the microscope, at fleece from different types of sheep and at things made from wool. They also looked at other fibers to compare them with wool. Then all the children had the opportunity to try spinning wool into yarn using small hand spindles. They were very interested and did a great job listening and spinning. Next week we hope to try some weaving. Thanks, Carolyn.

There is a soccer schedule with the Friday packet, a copy of the Emergency Snow Phone List, and the Bus Schedule. If you find any errors, please send it back with a correction to your child’s teacher.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.