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September 16, 2016

posted Sep 19, 2016, 5:07 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

September 16, 2016

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

As you noticed your kids have new t-shirts from Meadows Bee Farm. Now they look like young stewards of the land.


Kids Cooking Class:  (Tonight) Lisa Beshay will be leading some kids cooking classes at the Farmers Market in West Townshend. They begin at 5:30 and are free, though donations are accepted to help with food costs. The first class is tonight. The kids will shop at the market for vegetables and make salad kabobs with dip.


We firmed up and changed the date for Green Mountain orchards.  It is Friday, October 14. The owner warned us the apples will not be as plentiful as other years. Their harvest is half what it normally is. That is fine, we will still have enough to fill the bags and do the cider pressing. I think if I heard her right, that the amount they will harvest this year is equivalent to what they had left in the orchard at the end of the year last fall.


Wednesday, October 5th, at 8:30 the Windham Fire Department will be here for their annual fire safety slot. Since this happens every year the kids pick up and remember plenty about fire safety. Stop, drop and roll, never hide in the house, go to your designated spot, count to make sure everyone is there and many more good details.


Soccer is going well and Perry has a schedule of games for us. I have emailed it to everyone. There will be some posted in the entryway too.


More about soccer from Mickey: This past summer, I began a project on the website  This was done because I had heard about a matching grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods for team sports through this organization.  I ordered new goals, shin guards, soccer socks with built in shin guards, mini-practice balls, and goalie gloves.  The total cost for the project was just over $1,300.00.  I was not expecting it to be funded, but figured it was worth a shot.  About mid-July the first donation came for $200.00, and the project was off and running.  Over the next month, more donations came in and the project was fully funded.  As a result, you will see all this new soccer equipment being used this year!!! 

A note has gone out via email to parents of soccer kids that they need cleats.  We have looked and found no extra ones here at school.  The other thing is: they need any of the purple soccer shirts they may have at home and if they have black shorts they could wear, that would be great.

Along with a soccer permission form,  I have printed out and sent home  the picture package choices for school pictures.  I would like to have them back by next Friday, so we can schedule the picture taking.  Thank you.


Lunch this week was fresh homemade tomato soup, and grilled cheese. It is always gratifying to hear the students praise the cooks for the good food.


At the end of the school year we keep the left behind or outgrown boots that are unclaimed. We brought them out of storage this week and quite a few of the kids will not need to remember boots this fall for the farm day or recess.  They already acquired some of the leftover pairs here. Please do be sure your child goes to the farm with rubber boots and other shoes to wear inside at school. We don’t want mud and manure tracked into the school.





Soccer Schedule-2016

Perry’s email:



Game 1


September 21 

Windham @




Game 2


September 28

Townshend @




Game 3


October 5th

Jamaica @




Game 4


October 7th

Windham @












For practice and at games Perry requests that: Kids be at field by 4:00 for each game with cleats and shin guards on.  Water bottles are a must. The cups of water are not working. They forget which one is theirs and it adds up to a lot of litter. They need a snack whether it is before they start playing or during the break. Perhaps pack them something extra for after school???

This coming Monday, September 19, practice will be until5:00.  Parents: Perry breaks about four o’clock for water/snack break and he said some of the kids leave. Practice is until 4:30