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September 19, 2014

posted Sep 22, 2014, 7:22 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

September 19, 2014

4Habits of Mind:“Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”

Next Tuesday morning, the 23rdwe will be leaving around eleven to go apple picking at Green Mountain Orchards. For the new families this year that have not been before, we go by car. When we arrive we have a picnic lunch at the tables.  Next is a hay ride through the orchard. Then the kids get some of the small red wagons and each child gets a bag for picking. We head out into the orchard, and come back in around 1:30 to press cider. Everyone gets a cup of cider and a cider donut after the pressing is done.

Parents Night was Tuesday. Mr. PJ and Sally started the evening with an informational time in the All Purpose room. It is important to let the parents what we are doing here for programs, what helps the school run smoother and what we need for help.   See the attached sheet for what they talked about. After informational time parents went to the classrooms to find out about their children’s educational program. If you were unable to attend Parent’s Night and would like to find out what you missed please contact your child’s teacher.

Our kindergarteners went to the Nature Museum on Thursday for the Mighty Acorns program. Fascinating. They started off with “Fairy Autumn Colors”  puppet show, then hiked into the woods to collect fall colored materials and ended by building a fairy house village. The museum have changed their entrance fee to help make the Museum more affordable. Mighty Acorns programs will cost $5 per child for everyone. You no longer need to purchase a membership (and Museum admission will now be by donation, year-round). They are committed to making their programs available to everyone. If you have never been, their resources are limitless. They have everything from bird and nature displays, rock collections in a cave upstairs, snow shoes for everyone for winter recreation.  The books that they read to the children and the puppet shows they put on are wonderful. So on a weekend when you have no clue what to do, check out what is going on at The Grafton Nature Museum. It is right in your back yard.

Some parents still need to return the packets passed out the first week of school. A copy of what parents made out last year for info on work numbers, persons to call in case of emergency, signed and dated release in case of an emergency was sent home. It is important we get those back so we can update the supervisory union website. Some of the other forms  are important to have your signature on. The Field Trip Permission Form is one. If we do not have that back we will not be able to take your child on field trips this year. If you are a driver on these trips we need copies of your license and car insurance showing coverage to $300,000.  Thank you.


Included with this week’s newsletter is the soccer game schedule and a review sheet of what was talked about at Parent’s Night.

Sally’s class is looking for a few pillows or cushions to use in our reading loft. If you have one you would be willing to donate, please send it in. Thanks. 

Soccer Schedule-2014-2015


The coaches would like the kids at the field by 9:30 before the games for warm up time.


Saturday, September 27th     10:00 AM at Jamaica

Windham Wild Wasps vs. Jamaica


Saturday, October 4th   10:00 AM in Windham

Windham Wild Wasps vs. Wardsboro


Saturday, October 11th, 10:00 AM in Windham

Windham Wild Wasps vs. Jamaica



Parents Night at School-September 16, 2014


1.   PBIS-Learning to be Respectful, Responsible, Ready to learn and Safe

2.   We need notes about how kids are getting home if their regular schedule changes or they have special after school plans

3.   Notes if the kids are going to be out of school for a vacation or doctors appt. etc.

4.   Call in if kids are sick…this makes it easier to look for other children with the same symptoms.

5.   Free Milk/lunch forms need to come back, even if you do not qualify or do not want milk, we appreciate the forms back.

6.   Field trip to Green Mt. orchard next Tuesday, the 23rd. Parents are driving.

7.   Salad day this Friday.

8.   Idling cars outside school-park near cemetery if you must leave it idling.

9.   Inside/outside shoes are essential now that the grass is wet every morning.