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September 9, 2016

posted Sep 9, 2016, 11:20 AM by Admin Windham

Windham Elementary School Newsletter

September 9, 2016

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn”


A request for next week’s hot lunch: Our chef’s would like to make fresh tomato soup for lunch on Tuesday. Does anyone have extra tomatoes they can donate?   Would you drop us an email if you will be contributing some on Monday.  Thank you.

Another request for school lunches: If any parents buy extra fruit or vegetables or you have extras you are not going to use, we would love them being donated to the school lunch.  This week Brenda Coolbeth and Lisa made apple, banana, mandarin orange kabobs. They were a very big hit.

The plan is for Sally’s class to start their weekly visit to The Meadow Bee Farm this coming Tuesday. Remind your child to wear farm boots. The children on first bus in the morning will be here in time to leave with Sally. Other children should be dropped off at the farm between 8:00 and 8:15.

We are looking at a tentative date of Friday, October 21st to visit Green Mountain Apple Orchard for our annual picnic at the tables, hay ride, apple picking, and cider pressing. Due to the drought this summer we may be picking very small apples.  Oh, and all parents are welcome to come.


Getting back into the swing of things it is time for the kids to bring a second pair of shoes. What they need are inside and outside shoes. The grass is very wet now and soon we should be getting rain, making it muddy outside. It is fine if the inside footwear is slippers or sandals.  What is important is that they have good outdoor footwear. (Flip flops are not so good for running around outside.) We had the carpet shampooed this year and we want to preserve the nice job he did.



We have been asked to pass this along:


On Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11, the Thrift Shop at the West Townshend Country Store will be holding a special end-of-summer sale.    Customers can fill up bags with items of their choice for $5.00 per bag.  Items include clothing and shoes for men, women and children as well as household items.  Hours are from 10:00am - 5:00pm.  All proceeds from Thrift Shop sales benefit the non-profit West River Community Project. The Thrift Shop is located on the second floor of the West Townshend Country Store at the intersection of Route 30 and Windham Hill Road in West Townshend, VT.