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Windham Updates - December 4, 2020

posted Dec 4, 2020, 4:49 AM by Sara Wunderle   [ updated Dec 4, 2020, 4:50 AM ]

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


December 4, 2020

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”


Outdoor Learning

A special thanks to Michael Calabrese and Erik Mialkowski for helping Craig Bailes with our outdoor structure before Thanksgiving break - it looks amazing! On Thursday,  students were able to add the tarp and learn how to use the hand saws to get it closer to completion! Next step, naming ceremony for the structure and decorating the interior.


We are so appreciative to Sally Newton and Craig Bailes for their time and dedication to this special project for the Windham students to enjoy year round - THANK YOU!




JISP Program

The JISP information for this year has arrived from Stratton.  Given the current situation with no indoor facilities provided by Stratton, the program will be run differently this year. 


Mr. PJ will continue to coordinate the program and be the go between for JISP participants and the mountain, but students will need to have their own transportation to the mountain and an adult to chaperone them, as no school staff will be at the mountain.  


Students are expected to arrive at the mountain ready to ski or ride and not to enter the building, except for a bathroom break.  If families want to carpool or work together to split the driving and chaperone duties, that is up to them to work out.  


All the information needed to sign up is included below from Stratton.  Please let Mr. PJ know if you have any questions, or if he can be of further assistance with this process.

Important Changes to JISP for 20/21 Season: We are not providing or guaranteeing any indoor space. All children and chaperones should be dressed and ready for snow participation.

JISP: The Junior Instructional Snow Program is to provide local school children K-6 grade an affordable way to learn to ski or snowboard. Stratton continues to partner with the JISP program for the following local school children who attend, Jamaica Village School, The Mountain School, Grafton Elementary, Newbrook, Townsend, Windham School and Home School children living in a town that is associated with one of the above schools. 

JISP Program Fee: $59.00 + tax (Fee includes 9 instructional days): 5 instructional days provided by Stratton Snow Sports School (for beginner skiers and snowboarders only), 4 instructional days provided by trained volunteers,  and 8 full Ski/Ride Sundays at Stratton.

** Students who do not require beginner lessons may participate in JISP, but will be required to ski/ride with their assigned group/chaperone on the 9 JISP days.

(PARTICIPANTS IN JISP WILL RECEIVE A STRATTON PASS THAT IS VALID ONLY ON THE 17 DAYS OUTLINED ABOVE). If a student is interested in purchasing a full season pass we do offer a K-6 VT Student Resident Pass (must be a legal resident of VT) for $199 + tax. If a student purchases a K-6 VT Student Resident Pass, and participates in JISP, the total cost is $258 + tax. Please contact Guest Services for more information on the K-6 VT Student Resident Pass.

- Deadline 12/31/20

- Stratton employee dependents participating in JISP must register online and pay fee

- JISP Registration is strictly audited. Students who are enrolled in K-6th grade from participating schools are eligible to enroll in Stratton’s JISP Program.

- Participants in JISP will be assigned to a group and are required to participate in lessons and/or be in an assigned group on the 9 instructional days.

JISP Program Dates:

Tuesday JISP: Jan. 5, 12, 26; Feb. 2, 9, 23; Mar. 9, 16, 23

 Schools: Home School, Jamaica, Mountain School Winhall

Wednesday JISP: Jan. 6, 13, 27; Feb. 3, 10, 24; Mar. 10, 17, 24

Schools: Grafton, Newbrook, Townsend, Windham

 Valid Free Days: (JISP Pass will only scan valid at lift on the 9 instructional days and the valid free days. There will be NO exchange days with Bromley)

8 Full Days @ Stratton: Jan. 24, 31; Feb. 7, 21, 28; Mar. 7, 14, 21

JISP Student Information: (Contact Guest Services @ 297-4001or for pass related questions)

- Online registration includes the Assumption of Risk Form, which must be acknowledged to complete the registration process. 

- All students must upload a student pass photo.

JISP Seasonal Rental (only) Equipment: $99.00 for the season = reduced rental rate.

- Includes skis/poles, snowboard, boots and helmet. Rental questions please contact Wes @ 297-4098 for more information.

JISP Cancellation Policy: If hazardous conditions exist, Stratton holds the right to cancel JISP, and it will be our responsibility to notify all participating schools coordinators. If a school cancels a schedule JISP day, their group lessons will be cancelled for that day.

JISP Scholarships: Scholarship applications are made available to those “in-need”, please contact your school coordinator directly to receive and application. Scholarships are limited and carefully considered.

JISP Stratton Contacts: 

-Devon Cohen: 297-4054 (for inquiries related to beginner group instructions and mandatory safety clinics)

-Guest Services: 297-4001 (for inquiries related to registrations and passes)



- On-Snow Safety Clinic/Training Dates: Friday, Dec 11th Sunday, Dec 13th Tuesday, Dec 15th  Wednesday, Dec 16th Sunday, Dec 20th

JISP Adult Chaperone Pass Information:

- Adults MUST attend a safety clinic to be eligible for the Adult JISP Chaperone Pass.

o On-Snow Volunteer clinic/training: 1:15-3:00; meet outside Mountain Sports School building (be on-snow ski/snowboard ready)

- NO make-up clinics will be offered, plan accordingly!!!

- Volunteers/Chaperone passes are $59.00 + tax

- Adult passes are valid ONLY on your school’s scheduled JISP days and free days listed above.

- There will be no additional Lift Ticket Vouchers for Volunteers. 

- Passes will be available at Guest Services for pick-up. You will be required to bring your completed safety clinic voucher in order to receive your pass.

JISP Indoor Chaperone Information:

If you are not a skier or snowboarder but are volunteering your time to help students who are off-snow, please read and acknowledge the following document (Provided below or by utilizing this link). These indoor staff members are not eligible for a JISP Chaperone Pass.

JISP Student Beginner Group Lessons (1:15-3pm):

- 5 weeks of group lessons taught by Stratton instructors are included beginning on the first day of JISP

- All Group lessons meet outside of the Mountain Sports School Building

- On-Snow volunteers assigned to beginner groups are required to participate to help guide the beginner skier/snowboarder in the learning area.

- Our aim is to make sure that the on-snow learning experience is started the right way by learning how to safely navigate the LEARNING ZONE before joining the school chaperones. These group lessons are for true beginners only.

- All non-beginner skier/riders are expected/required to be placed in a group with other skier/riders of similar ability and paired with a school chaperone on the 9 instructional JISP Days. JISP Chaperones are responsible for their group and are expected to provide additional guidance and tips to those skier/riders who are beyond the beginner level.

COVID-19 Update

12-1-20 - UPDATE- The State of Vermont has suspended its leisure travel map and implemented a  mandatory quarantine for anyone returning or traveling to Vermont.  

If you traveled over this holiday break, or gathered with people that you do not live with, you  and/or your child will not be able to return to in-person learning on 12/14/2020 unless they  quarantined for 14 days or quarantined for 7 with a negative COVID-19 test after the 7th day. 

For a 14 day quarantine you would have had to return back to Vermont on 11/29/2020 or ended  contact with those who do not reside within your household on 11/29/2020. 

For 7 day quarantine and a negative COVID-19 test you would have to return no later than  12/3/2020. Which means you could then test on 12/11/2020, but this is not a guarantee that  your results will be back in time for the first day of school. I would say this would be the latest  return date that I would choose if you're hoping for results before 12/14/2020. 

You can choose to return after these dates of course but please understand that your child will  not be able to return to school on 12/14/2020 until they have followed Vermont's quarantine  guidelines. 

For more information you may visit the Vermont Department of Health website. 

Abbey W. RN 

WCSU Elementary School Nurse 

Anyone returning or traveling to Vermont must follow Vermont’s mandatory quarantine  policy. Vermonters returning from an out-of-state trip must complete either14-day  quarantine or 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test. 

• Vermonters must remember to follow any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements  for the states they plan to visit. 

• Residents of other states must adhere to the quarantine guidelines:

WCSU COVID-19 Coordinator- Jorda Daigneault, MS, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC  

Abbey Welch, RN If unable to reach Jorda Daigneault 

o Travelers arriving to Vermont in a personal vehicle must complete either 14-day quarantine  or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and enter Vermont  without further quarantine restrictions. 

o Travelers arriving to Vermont who have not completed a pre-arrival quarantine must  complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in a  Vermont lodging establishment or with friends and family (travelers must stay in their  quarantine location for the duration of quarantine other than to travel to and from a test  site). 

o Read more about quarantining at the Vermont Department of Health website. 

• All out of state travelers utilizing lodging, camping and short-term rental properties in  Vermont must sign and complete a Certificate of Compliance or affirm a compliance statement via a digital check box at the time of reservation and check-in to attest that they  meet the quarantine requirement or are an essential/authorized worker. 

• All out of state travelers are strongly encouraged to register with Sara Alert upon arrival to  Vermont to get two weeks of daily reminders to check for common symptoms of COVID-19. 


* Work 

* Personal safety 

* Medical care 

* Care of others (that includes ONLY the person providing the care-NOT other family  members) 

* Parental shared custody 

* For food/beverage or medicine 

* To attend school if commuting 

* To perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate when necessary. 


• Wash your hands 

• Wear facial coverings 

• Maintain physical distancing 

• Stay home if you are unwell 

Below is the link for the VT Cross State Travel Map state-travel

WCSU COVID-19 Coordinator- Jorda Daigneault, MS, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC  

Abbey Welch, RN If unable to reach Jorda Daigneault

Upcoming December Dates

December 9 - Remote Learning Day

December 16 - Remote Learning Day

December 23 - Remote Learning Day

December 24-January 1st - Holiday Break

Upcoming January Dates

January 1 - New Year’s Day - No School

January 4 - School resumes after Holiday Break

January 6 - Remote Learning Day (JISP day for those participating)

January 13 - Remote Learning Day (JISP day for those participating)

January 18 - No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20 - Remote Learning Day

January 25 - Teacher Inservice Day - No School - Report Cards

January 26 - Teacher Inservice Day

January 27 - Remote Learning Day (JISP day for those participating)