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Windham Updates - June 4, 2021

posted Jun 4, 2021, 5:49 AM by Sara Wunderle

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


June 4, 2021

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”


Hapgood Pond

Thank you to all our Windham families for going above and beyond to make this end of year celebration so wonderful for our students. Sara will be sending out an email early next week that will include the final details of the trip to Hapgood Pond on Monday, June 14th. In the email it will include a request to RSVP the number of members of your family that will be attending.  The total number will be shared with everyone so that those planning on bringing food items, can help plan accordingly. 


Field Day on Wednesday 

Our PE teacher, Carla West, is planning for the student’s Field Day to happen this Wednesday around 1 PM. It will be an afternoon dedicated to lots of fun games and activities for the kids to participate in outside in the back field of the school. Carla is asking that students please bring a bathing suit, towel and a plastic bag to put wet stuff in for some water activities she has planned as part of the afternoon fun. 


Superhero Presentation and Music Concert

A HUGE thank you to Susan Haefnerand Sally Newton for working with our Windham students to provide the wonderful theatrical and musical performances we saw Friday morning. In the midst of this last year, to have our students be able to express themselves on stage and enjoy the process of producing a play and singing/dancing their favorite songs was a joy to witness. 





Spring Fling Week

Thank you to all our Windham parents for helping our students dress up and participate in Spring Fling week. Everyone enjoyed the anticipation of each student's arrival to see how they dressed up for the selected day. Below are some group photos we were able to capture for each of our four days: Crazy Hair Day, PJ Day, Inside-Out and Backwards Day and finally Color Day.





Herbal Medicine Badge - Tea Bags

With just a few days to spare, we were able to finish the last herbal medicine project towards their badge. This project focused on learning about different types of herbal teas and what ailments they can help alleviate then learning how to take the leaves of two herbal plants and making them into tea bags to enjoy with their families at home. The herbal leaves the students were able to grind and make into tea bags were mint and raspberry.  




Hamilton Falls Trip

Thanks to Ms. Sally and Mr. B for bringing us to Hamilton Falls on Tuesday afternoon. Our day started with a beautiful luna moth that welcomed everyone’s arrival to school. The afternoon was then spent exploring the Hamilton Falls Natural Area as well as enjoying the water and the roaring sound of the falls. What a beautiful little spot so close to our little school to explore and enjoy.





Upcoming June & Summer Dates

June 9 - Field Day - bring bathing suit, towel and a plastic bag to put wet stuff in

June 14 - Last Day of School (half-day) at Hapgood Pond

June 15 - Playground Removal begins & School Board meeting at 6 PM via Zoom

July  - Installation of new playground equipment

August 2-6 - Windham Elementary Summer School

  • The days will be half days - 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

  • Bus transportation can be arranged if there is enough interest.

  • The days will be a mixture of some academics that will include some assessments to better prepare for the students’ return to school in September, some outdoor activities, music/art/PE, snack time, and getting the new students used to the safety protocols and use of PPE (if still applicable).

September 1 - First Day of School for students