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Windham Updates - March 26, 2021

posted Mar 26, 2021, 5:11 AM by Sara Wunderle

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


March 26, 2021

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”


Meadows Bee Farm

Young Farmers Program for the month of May is - Spring on the Farm! See attached flyer for more information.



RiseVT - Windham County

April is the month of the Young Child in Windham County when we celebrate young children and their caregivers with free family-friendly activities throughout Windham County, Vermont! It’s a time to turn our attention to the many people, places, and programs that support the healthy development of our next generation by laying the foundation for their success.


Community Hope and Action will be dropping off free Spring time activity bags for the month of April at Windham Elementary School and students will be bringing them home on April 16th. See attached flyer for more information on the free family-friendly activities through Windham County, Vermont in April.







Edgar May Health & Rec Center

Reminder to please return the waiver forms to school. Your student will not be able to attend the trip, if we do not have the forms back. We will be bringing the students to Edgar May Health & Rec Center in Springfield, VT on Monday, March 29th. We will plan on leaving Windham Elementary at 12:00 PM, to allow travel and change time into swimsuits before swimming from 1-2 PM. We will then return to school in time for dismissal. The following protocols will be followed per their policy while we are there:

  • Masks are required at all times, other than in the water.

  • Our locker rooms are limited to 4 people at  a time.

  • We do screen temperatures on arrival.

Kindergarten Registration

Any child that will be the age of 5 by January 1st, 2022 are eligible to register for Kindergarten. Please have any families that you know of in the community to reach out to Sara so she can send the registration form to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. Ideally we would like to have all children registered by March 31st.


Snowshoeing Adventure

On Monday, thanks to Mr. B and Sally, we were able to squeeze in a snowshoeing adventure on a trail Mr. B had made on his property.  We hiked to the stone bridge and enjoyed the last bits of the winter landscape as signs of Spring were making their appearance.




Covid Protocol 

UPDATE- UPDATE- No changes in travel for Vermont residents unless you are fully vaccinated, then you

may travel without quarantining (In just a month that will be most of us!!). We are asked not to travel out of state or even within the state except for essential purposes. On March 25th people 60 yo and older may register for the vaccination, March 29th anyone 50 yo and older may register. On April 19th ANYONE may register for the vaccination. This is such good news. Just remember these are the dates to REGISTER, to actually receive the vaccination may be 2 weeks after the registration. Also, it depends on supply. Don’t forget you can register at the local Walgreens, too. The state will be opening more clinic sites throughout the state to meet the demand for the vaccination appointments. Other excellent news is that Gov. Scott

believes we will be back to “normal” by July 4th!!


* Work

* Personal safety

* Medical care

* Care of others (that includes ONLY the person providing the care-NOT other family members)

* Parental shared custody

* For food/beverage or medicine

* To attend school if commuting

* To perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate when necessary.


  • Wash your hands

  • Wear facial coverings

  • Maintain physical distancing

  • Stay home if you are unwell

Upcoming March Dates

March 29 - Edgar May Health & Recreation Center Swimming afternoon

March 31 - Remote Learning Day

Upcoming April Dates

April 7 - Remote Learning Day

April 14 - Remote Learning Day

April 19-23 - April Vacation

April 28 - This may NOT be a remote learning day, we could be returning to a full 5-day school week starting the Monday after April vacation