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Windham Updates - May 6, 2022

posted May 5, 2022, 3:42 PM by Sara Wunderle   [ updated May 5, 2022, 3:43 PM ]

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


May 6, 2022

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”



Green-Up Day

Saturday May 7th is Green-Up Day here in Vermont. The Town Hall has bags out by the front door. Mark where you will be doing the green-up in Windham and leave full bags along the roadsides for pick-up.


Farm Thursday’s

Please make sure your students come to farm with appropriate footwear. Yesterday we had many students arrive with sneakers on. Farm is muddy and lots of animal manure that they walk through. Muck or rain boots are the best footwear on these days. If they need to pack an additional pair of sneakers to wear outside during the school day, then that is fine. But we had a few ruined pairs of shoes from yesterday’s farm trip. Thank you!


We did have some time with all the baby lambs and got to hold them and see them play out on the structure the farm crew built for them.


Last Student Day - June 16th

Our last student day will be Thursday, June 16th and a half day. Weather depending, and finding a lifeguard we would like to  spend it at Hapgood Pond. We would plan on leaving the school at 9 AM and be at Hapgood Pond until 12:00 PM. We are hoping that all families can attend this end of year celebration. We would like to provide a potluck lunch for everyone attending. 


Food and Beverage Item suggestions include:











Carrot sticks



Apple Juice




Please RSVP to Ms. Sara - with the number of people in your family that are hoping to attend along with the item(s) you would like to contribute to the picnic.  If anyone has any leads on lifeguards that can do outdoor water (non-pool) areas that would be great!

May 2022 Dates:

May 12th - Meadows Bee Farm 8:00 AM

May 13th - Mighty Acorns - Inspecta Insecta - K/1 class

May 17th - School Board Meeting 6 PM

May 19th - Meadows Bee Farm 8:00 AM

May 26th - Meadows Bee Farm 8:00 AM

May 30th - No School - Memorial Day 

June 2022 Dates:

June 2nd  - Meadows Bee Farm 8:00 AM and Spring Concert 6:00 PM

June 4th - Family Playdate at the Weston Playhouse - 12-3 PM

June 9th - LAST Meadows Bee Farm trip 8:00 AM

June 10th - Mighty Acorns - Pond Habitat Exploration - K/1 class

June 16th - Last student day (half day) at Hapgood Pond