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Windham Updates - November 6, 2020

posted Nov 6, 2020, 4:47 AM by Sara Wunderle   [ updated Nov 6, 2020, 4:48 AM ]

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


November 6, 2020

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”

First Snow Fall

The weather has turned colder and we have had our first snowfall. Please make sure both younger and older students have clothing that will keep them warm. We do go out on recess even when it is cold out, so please confirm that they have mittens, hats, warm coat and snow pants and boots when there is snow on the ground! It is important that all students have a second pair of shoes to use when in school to save the wear and tear on the rugs.

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation’s (VSAC) 802 Future YOU contest

Our K-6 students entered VSAC’s 802 Future YOU contest last month. They each drew a picture of a job that would like to explore when they get older. The jobs that they were curious about included, game/web designers, YouTuber, artist, fireman, and a farmer! Each week 2 random winners were selected to receive $50 in takeout from their favorite local restaurant and 9 random winners would win $200 to start a 529 college savings plan, sponsored by VSAC. 

Windham Elementary has two students to congratulate on being randomly selected! Bryson Combs won a $50 takeout gift certificate and Ivy Packard won one of the 9 $200 529 college savings plans!

Learn more about 529 saving, or open or contribute to an account at

Plans to travel out of state?

UPDATE-   According to the VT Cross State Travel Map updated today. All the counties surrounding Vermont are all officially yellow and red counties. If you travel to these counties for non-essential purposes, you will need to quarantine. Be extra vigilant before your weekend travels. The map once again has significantly changed from last week!!


* Work

* Personal safety

* Medical care

* Care of others (that includes ONLY the person providing the care-NOT other family members)

* Parental shared custody

* For food/beverage or medicine

* To attend school if commuting

* To perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate when necessary.


·         Wash your hands

·         Wear facial coverings

·         Maintain physical distancing

·         Stay home if you are unwell


Below is the link for the VT Cross State Travel Map

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