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Windham Updates - September 11, 2020

posted Sep 11, 2020, 2:52 PM by Sara Wunderle

Windham Elementary School Newsletter


September 11, 2020

Habits of Mind: “Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Ready to Learn”

The 2020-2021 school year has officially begun! Thank you to all our families, board members, and the Windham community for allowing our Windham students to return to WES for the start of the school year. Although we have to deal with the countless temperature checks, facial masks, and hand sanitization to begin our school year, every student and staff member has adapted wonderfully and there are times we all forget we are even wearing our masks!

Bryson (K), Tucker (1st), and Joceyln (1st) created name cards for their coat hooks.

Reminder - PLEASE return the manilla envelope with all the paperwork completed that went home with your student on Tuesday this week and return to Sara as soon as possible.

Kindergarten & 1st graders will be coming home with yellow folders that say HOME FOLDERS on them. These folders have one side that says Keep at Home and the other side that says Return to School. The materials that are on the home side, you can keep at home. It would include any announcements or school work the students have done in school that they want to share with you. The materials on the return to the school side should come back to school the next school day in the HOME FOLDERS.

Now that the ground is getting damp from the dew in the mornings; the students are coming in off the playground with wet dirty shoes. Please send in a second pair of shoes to keep in our entryway so that students can change out of their wet shoes and wear clean dry ones in the building. This avoids mud being tracked throughout the school on wet mornings. The indoor shoes can be slippers or another pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes.

Mrs. Carla West is our Physical Education teacher and she will be coming to WES on Tuesday’s and Friday’s for the students to have a physical education class. If your student’s indoor shoes (the ones they keep here at school) are NOT sneakers, please make sure they wear or have sneakers packed for Tuesday and Friday’s. Their clothing should also be adequate for running and moving around.

We are interested in taking the students to Green Mountain Orchards in the next few weeks for our annual apple picking trip. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the normal activities that we schedule with them (wagon ride, cider making demonstration) have been canceled, so we would just be going to pick apples. Mr. PJ and I will look at the calendar and will update everyone once we have a date & plan in place to go.

September Date Reminders:

Full-school days start Monday, September 14th. 

Remember students are only in school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday’s for this month of September, so that a deep cleaning of the school can happen on Wednesdays. We will re-evaluate the schedule for the month of October.  Since it is just the start of the school year, and we are hoping that these remote Wednesday’s will only be temporary, we will not be touching base remotely with the students. Instead, they will be coming home with worksheets and/or books to work on during the day on Wednesday that will review material that has been taught in class. They should return the completed work on Thursday.

We have heard back about the HVAC technicians and they are able to come to Windham this Wednesday, the 16th when the students will not be in school.  Thank you for being on hold in case we needed the students to be home for an extra day next week, but now that is not needed.

Upcoming October Dates

October 5th - School board meeting via Zoom 

October 6th - Fire Prevention Day with the Windham Volunteer Fire Department

October 12th - No School - Columbus Day

October 13th - 1/2 day - Parent-Teacher conferences

October 20th - School Picture Day at Windham with Geskus Pictures